MakeLab Workshop at Hook Park 2011
Short timelapse showing the construction of 1:1 gridshell structure at Hook Park. April 2011
Transporting the gridshell to it's site with the help of other groups and volunteers.
Luke coordinating a safe and quick movement of the structure through the forest.
Gridshell finally placed on site.
Gridshell building team [me in the front right of the picture next to the workshop tutor Micheal Grau]
Connections between the members were initially supposed to be glued and nailed but during the process we discovered cable-ties which were much stronger and easier to affix. All pieces were numbered by a custom made CNC machine that helped us to translate the geometry from the digital to physical model.
render of the final structure by Michael Grau
Me helping out the other group to set up a long exposure photographs of 'painting with light' CNC
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