3D Scanning & Point Clouds Research
This Project investigates my experiments with 3D Scanning and Manipulation of Point Clouds and Particles Systems and their application in architectural design process. The ongoing research is part of my studies at Bartlett Department of Architecture at University Collage London.
Here I will upload my latest developments into Prticle Systems and Point Clouds. Stay TUNED!
13.12.2013 presenting Scanscapes at Bartlett Department of Architecture @ UCL
{Future Scanscapes}
My project is about 3D scanning. A process of recording 3-dimensional data with a level of detail invisible to the naked eye and information impossible to gather by other mapping technologies. With Google tourism acting as many people’s preferred method of urban spatial research I think 3D scanning is likely to be a major tool in the creation of future online versions of our cities and our world – versions within which people spend more and more of their daily lives.
The Scan Data alters our observation of space, time and society. Through scans I have captured in Dubai, Muscat and London I am going to explore  4 different scales that it affects: S,M,L,XL
Dubai souq from above.
During my recent trip to Dubai I was working with Faro 3d Scanner and used it as a tool to map potential sites and their context for my student architectural project, MArch | Bartlett, London. The animation is showing the complex network of corridor like streets at Deira Old Souq, mixed with Islamic Mosques and vernacular Arabic architecture.
Thanks to makers of the Software used: 
- Autodesk 3dMax 2014 
- Cloud2Max
- Bentley Pointools v8i
- Faro Scene
section through 3D scanned vernacular courtyard house_Dubai Creek
around 300,000 points rendered with RGB and Light Intensity captured by FARO Scanner
_Detail of The Christ Church facade, Lambeth, London
Rendered ScanData point clouds with Blended RGB and Intensity values. In this short teaser I explore an amazing detail and texture that 3d scanner can capture. _The Christ Church, Lambeth, London. More coming soon...

My next step is to animate the point cloud and start morphing it according to some parameters that I can control in SoftImage.

Thanks to ScanLab@ UCL, Bartlett for enabling the 3d scanner!

_watch in HD!
tests of referencing cubes instead of points and morphing them into different geometries
growing hair from points correlated with points intensity
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